Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another up all night

Hi, y'all. Things have improved medication wise but I still have bouts of insomnia. Tonight is one of those nights. I slept about an hour and a half then was wide awake again. Tried a few things with no luck so I left the bed and sleeping husband and cats and came in to the computer.

Some good news! The two female kittens were adopted last weekend. I learned a new description for tortoiseshell cats. The little boy who claimed her says she is a camouflage cat. I think that is so cute!

So we are left with the two now 12 week old black male kittens. One is still being called Braveheart. The other has earned the name Pantclimber - no explanation required but you better be wearing long pants around him. He loves to be cuddled and turned on his back to have his little belly and chest scratched. Lady Jane is still with them and us. She takes them out on overnight hunting trips and brings them back in time for meals. The great-nieces and nephews love coming over to play with the kittens. I have tied jingle balls on the ends of dowel rods and they play "fishing for kittens" under the big evergreen bush by the back porch.

Marco, one of our indoor males, got out today when DH was putting the dog out. He just scooted underneath her and around her legs and out the door. DH told me when I called him during my lunch break. I told him not to worry, Marco will be back. Sure enough, about a half hour later DH called back and said he went to the back door and opened it and in dashed Marco. Fool cat has it good in the house and gets scared everytime he goes out but he still does it. I think the kittens scared him today. He sees them thru the screen on the door and has even been nose-to-nose with them at various times - but up close and personal those little things can be pretty frightening!

VBS starts June 14th. With the medication problems I am running behind on craft preparation but I will have things done in time. All supplies except the last few bottles of glue have been purchased and the few extras I need like moist wipes and paper towels, etc. I hope I have the necessary energy to get thru the week.

My energy has improved on the Cymbalta and my aches and pains are less than they were. But the insomnia can still leave me dragging or else the sleep medication leaves me groggy and unsteady for hours in the morning. But the lovely side effect of loss of appetite continues. I rarely experience any hunger pangs and have no interest in snacking. In fact, DH has to remind me to eat. Unfortunately, I also don't ever feel full or satisfied after eating. Go figure.