Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bed Time

Up! Down! Up! Down!
Twist and turn and toss.
Bounce and look over your shoulder
At your sleeping companion and ask
“Are we there yet? Have we found it?”
This is only one store we’ve been in.
Innerspring to the right.
Memory foam to the left.
And don’t forget the hybrids
And the adjustable mattresses, too.
Firmness, plushness, and warranty,
Construction and materials used.
Delivery? Set-up? Free haul-away?
Ok, I’m officially confused.
Queen size is all that will fit the room
But look at the space on that king.
Do we really need the wardrobe,
The dresser, the tables, the door?
Massage will just give me a headache
But it’s nearly heaven for him.
Feet up, head up, flat out,
With the push of a button
He changes position again,
And I come along for the ride.
My head hurts!

© 2011 M. C. MacFadyen
July 9, 2011