Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunrise on Saturday ...

after a tough week. I have had a sore throat since sitting in the hospital all day last Thursday while sister Beth had her surgery. Obviously, I have not had as tough a week as she has had but I have still had some misery. She is feeling some better and is in rehab now.
I love pictures of sunrises ... and spiderwebs. Both of the above were taken this past week. The spiderweb above was taken today. The rayed sunrise was earlier in the week.
The moon and clouds were taken one evening this week. I had to overexpose the moon to get the clouds which were what I really wanted.
The neigbors a few doors up are tearing down the old shack that sits on the back of their property. I will miss it for the picturesque scenery ... and wonder what may migrate my way after the loss of habitat.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long Day

It was a long day today. We started with a beautiful sunrise this morning. The rays of light streaming through the clouds before the sun topped the hills to the east were lovely so of course I was out with my camera and tripod.

Then we went to the hospital for sister Beth's knee surgery. Eleven hours later everyone but Beth left the hospital. Her daughter Jen has posted about the long day, too. I took the day off work to be there today and tomorrow will help Dad with things Beth normally helps him with as well as other stuff on the computer and around the house.

Jen and I talked about cameras and photography during the long wait for word about Beth. We have decided that we have to take night photos together as she gets wonderful shots of the moon but can't do stars and I am the opposite. So after I got home tonight I tried shooting the moon again. This is the best I have been able to do so far. Better than what I have done in the past but no where near what Jen can do. Still, I am satisfied . . . for now.
Keep Beth in your prayers, please. She is in pain right now but we all believe she will improve and be back on her feet quickly.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Are you looking at me?

Sunday was full of winged creatures taking advantage of the last of the flowers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Star Struck

It was a crisp clear night here and when I let the dogs out at 5 am the stars were breath-taking. I went back inside and got the camera and tripod and spent some time taking shots of Orion (I always hear that line from MIB "The galaxy is on Orion's (belt)" when I see this constellation).

Summer is almost gone and fall is fast approaching. Mom's burning bush is starting to show tinges of red. A few leaves high up in the maple tree are starting to turn. I look forward to every season but will be sad to see the summer go as I missed so much of it wearing the Boot.

I am still being careful with the foot and still know when I have overdone or not been careful enough through the day. Next week sister Beth is scheduled for knee surgery. Dad's heel spur is much better. Cousin Bill may be released from rehab this week - his recovery from his stroke has been miraculous. Prayers for all are much appreciated.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wandering my yard ...

I discovered this wonder on one of my trees while wandering the yard today. There are actually about 4 or 5 places on the same tree and only on the one tree. It inspired me to do a little research on amber which is actually the resin from some pine trees. As this tree is not a pine I don't suppose this sap would turn to amber even in a million or so years. Oh, well, it is still pretty to look at now. With the Boot finally off I am able to reach more places in my own yard. Today I found out that the wild grape vine I usually harvest for grapevine wreaths has produced an abundance of pea-size fruits for the birds. I wondered what all the excitement in that corner of the yard was about.The wreaths will have to wait a while.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Yard Sales and Reading

Last Saturday we went to several yard sales on purpose for the first time this year. The last time we went to a yard sale was "accidental" when we were on our way somewhere else. This time I called Mom and told her where the first yard sale was (at a local school). She called back in a few minutes and said they were getting ready to go. So Mom, Dad, Beth and I went "yard saleing" and had a wonderful time. I was out of the Boot but Beth is still using her braces and cane. She is going to have knee surgery later this month and is looking forward to it with great trepidation. We had fun, though. We loaded the back of Dad's Tahoe with lots of great finds. I got a whole box of old sheet music for only $1 and a book of mountain humor that Dad has borrowed so I have yet to read it. He took it the Boy Scout Camporee and United Methodist Men meeting this weekend. I hope it comes back home with him.
The picture is a small part of the music lot. It is all by John Storm, a local person who became a member of the state legislature (you can see one piece has him listed as Hon. John Storm). I have been trying to find more information about him but John Storm is a common name and I am still sifting through all the hits I get.

I also bought some beads and some necklaces that I will take apart and use the beads for various crafts such as the Christmas Spiders and dragonflies I have been making. Another sale/fundraiser for VBS is coming up soon and I want to have a good assortment of things to donate.

A favorite author of mine has died. Madeleine L'Engle, author of "A Wrinkle in Time" and other wonderful books died this week. I still re-read the books every few years even if they are for children. Fantasy with meaning, or as she says with something "underneath" is reading I enjoy. I may read fiction, but I want to learn something from it - just don't shout it at me. As an optimist, I want hopeful endings. I believe in good outlasting evil. I read Anne McCaffrey's dragonriders books and her other books as well. I also read Orson Scott Card and other science fiction authors. And I read the Harry Potter books. I enjoy reading and used to read a lot of books every week. Anymore I find I have slowed down in my reading and tend to drift off to sleep sooner than I used to when I read in bed. I even admit to falling asleep while reading in my chair in the living room. Thank goodness I don't do that when I am working with my beads for crafts.

I realized this morning that I have not taken a photograph in two days - today makes three. But tomorrow is Saturday and I will be out and about looking for the perfect shot again. Maybe more yard sales, too.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Morning Dew

The field was dotted with dozens of sparkling webs this morning. I even managed to catch a few of the tiny inhabitants.