Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Star Struck

It was a crisp clear night here and when I let the dogs out at 5 am the stars were breath-taking. I went back inside and got the camera and tripod and spent some time taking shots of Orion (I always hear that line from MIB "The galaxy is on Orion's (belt)" when I see this constellation).

Summer is almost gone and fall is fast approaching. Mom's burning bush is starting to show tinges of red. A few leaves high up in the maple tree are starting to turn. I look forward to every season but will be sad to see the summer go as I missed so much of it wearing the Boot.

I am still being careful with the foot and still know when I have overdone or not been careful enough through the day. Next week sister Beth is scheduled for knee surgery. Dad's heel spur is much better. Cousin Bill may be released from rehab this week - his recovery from his stroke has been miraculous. Prayers for all are much appreciated.

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