Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wandering my yard ...

I discovered this wonder on one of my trees while wandering the yard today. There are actually about 4 or 5 places on the same tree and only on the one tree. It inspired me to do a little research on amber which is actually the resin from some pine trees. As this tree is not a pine I don't suppose this sap would turn to amber even in a million or so years. Oh, well, it is still pretty to look at now. With the Boot finally off I am able to reach more places in my own yard. Today I found out that the wild grape vine I usually harvest for grapevine wreaths has produced an abundance of pea-size fruits for the birds. I wondered what all the excitement in that corner of the yard was about.The wreaths will have to wait a while.


Dana said...

Whoa... awesome sap photos! WOW!

linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
I am still reading your blog. I hope I am not intruding, the issue relating to this came up some where else I have been reading.
Anyway congratulations on the boot and the walking you have been doing. You sound bright and positive about it.
I think the sap could be caused by some damage the tree has sustained. The trees around here do this when a borer had attacked them. I don't know if the same applies there but it looks great doesn't it. The aborigines here used to get the gum from some species of acacia trees and eat it like chewing gum and used different ones for glue.(Whole side story there, sorry.)
I also enjoy yard sales, we call them garage sales here. I love junk shops too. I recently visited one in Wagga who advertise "We buy and sell anything" and yes they did. I got an old bar stool to put by my phone to sit on. It only needs new stoppers on the bottom and new covering on the seat, when I get around to it.
Re; reading, read whatever you like, not what you think you should. It is there for entertainment as well as education. There's nothing like a good book to veg out with. I sometimes even read mills & boon type books to take my mind away from the everyday, even though they are all so predictable and when I have finished I think I have emptied them not just finished them.Lol.
Love Linda.

Ari said...


I came upon this website in search of your tree sap. Very nice indeed!

I used to work at Hewlett Packard where they had a "nature trail" on which I found a tree releasing a very similar sap.

The tree uses sap to kill bacteria. My guess is you have some type of fruit tree, but I'm no Arborist.

I use tree sap in a night light and it needs to be somewhat transparent; more-so than the offerings of a Persimmon trees. Persimmon tree sap is too dark.

Would you be willing to sell? It can dry out to send and I'll add water later to mold, if you would consider it.

Nice tree sap in any case. Oh, look again; you may find moth larva in it in the spring. I asked the entomologist at the Fernbank Science Center several years ago.

Thank you.