Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Scuptures

The snow has ended temporarily at least and the sun has come out to warm our hearts and streets and sidewalks - and aid in the further creation of ice dams in the gutters that are unfortunately causing some so far minor indoor problems. But the wonderful outdoor creations are what I concentrated on on Friday. Ice sculptures by nature.

Somewhere in the above photo is a single tall weed that has been coated in ice from water dripping off the frozen gutter overhead.

The above photo and the two following are ice that has fallen from the frozen gutters and from around the window frames.

When we drive thru town on our way somewhere I am fascinated by all the icicles I see hanging from the eaves of buildings and homes and from some overhead wires. So many houses have ice dams along the roof edges. With our own troubles with ice dams right now I pray for all the people in those houses, too. Water - so essential and so troublesome.

We have a leaks/leaks in the smaller bedroom we use for an office. Everytime we leave the room we cover all electrical (computer, etc) with plastic sheeting in hopes of preventing any tragedy. So far the leaks have confined themselves to the front window (where the ice dam is) and a few small drips elsewhere. Yesterday DH and I went to the attic (he went all the way, I stayed on the folding stairs and handed him stuff). Not altogether bad. Found the leak. Found a huge wasp nest (not currently active).

Today we will have to try to do something to break thru the ice dam and let the water drain off the roof. The gutters are completely frozen. Have read some things on line and think we will try snow melter filled socks or pantyhose tossed on the edge of the roof and allowed to hang over. Supposed to melt a channel thru the ice to allow water to flow off the roof instead of damming up behind the ice. Worth a try. If we do it, I'll have to take pictures of socks and pantyhose hanging off the roof.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010


Got a couple of cute pics of Sassy in her "spiffy" sweater after shoveling the sidewalk yesterday. Lady Jane put her appearance in too. She followed me across the sidewalk as I was shoveling slowly toward Mom and Dad's. Every time I stopped she sat down and meowed at me until I started shoveling again. I guess she wanted the path cleared so she did not have to "walk" in the snow (more like wade through it). Nancy and Richard came down and cleaned off Dad's vehicle so I only had the sidewalk to Mom and Dad's, our front steps and walk, a small path to the street, and our vehicle to clear off. I took my time and enjoyed the scenery.

The last big storm we had there were any number of younger, stronger souls out in the neighborhood asking if they could clear walks for cash. This time I did not see anyone walking with a shovel. Thankfully, several neighbors have yard tractors or ATV's with plows, etc., and took care of the street (and Dad's driveway, thank you). I did not even see or hear kids out sledding this time. I remember sled riding down the lane when we lived "on the hilltop" and getting soaked to the skin and loving it. Today the kids stay indoors and play videogames. Times change.

Today both DH and I went to the doctor. He has been in misery this weekend with another bad headache and pain all down his left side from hip to foot. Diagnosis - sciatica. So he got a cortisone shot and Rx for pain meds and was told not to go to work at least tomorrow. I got another "gentle" probing of my bursa in the left hip and Zipsor samples and Rx to fill later. The doctor also talked me into trying a fibromyalgia medication called Savella. He gave me a two-week starter sample of the Savella as well as an Rx for it. Read up on both online and does not sound too bad for side effects so going to give it a try. Both the doctor and I think the bursitis could be partially fibro pain or could be triggering some fibro pressure points. I know I really hurt right now - worse than I have in a few years.

Weather prediction for the next few days says another 4-8 inches of snow is on its way. They already cancelled school in a number of local counties.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

After the Storm

The snow finally stopped falling yesterday afternoon although it was flurrying when I got up this morning. Today we will have to dig out - sidewalks and steps but not Dad's driveway as some kind soul has done that for us. A newscaster yesterday estimated that a 10 foot by 40 foot driveway with the snowfall we have had (8-14 inches) comes out to about 5400 pounds of snow to be removed.

Took some pictures thru the bedroom window yesterday and this morning.

It was beautiful coming down and piling up as long as no problems developed. DH and I and Mom, Dad and Beth all stayed home. But Jen had to work Friday and Saturday. The last I heard she stayed near work overnight Friday and would stay again last night if need be. Hope to hear more of her story soon. I have to wonder if the store even had any customers on Saturday - a level 3 alert in that county means no one on the road unless it is an emergency.

DH has another bad headache today. We had hopes that the neurologist was right and the medicine he prescribed would take care of the headaches but today he is in real pain again. And I have bursitis in my left hip. The hip and leg had been getting progressively sorer for a few weeks and at my regular check-up last Monday I told the doctor. He gave me a cortisone shot and said let him know if not better in a week. Well, it was a little better for a day or so but still really giving me a hard time so I guess I have to call tomorrow - especially after we do the shoveling and car clean-off today.

Took some photos of the snow but am missing the one of my dog Sassy in her "spiffy" (DH's description) new sweater. Sassy is and always has been so skinny. I call her my hollow dog as she sounds like a drum when you pat her on the ribs. She also has had some health problems this year and I recently bought her two winter sweaters. She adapted to wearing them very easily and even wears them in the house when it is really cold out. I got a picture of her in one of the sweaters but still need to get the "spiffy" picture.

The outdoor cat who adopted us has hung around through all the bad weather. I made her a better winter shelter (not what you see in the picture) and have filled it with pine and cedar chip bedding that she can snuggle down into. She smells like cedar now and I wonder if that will have any impact on her hunting. She spends time over at Mom and Dad's too on either of their porches. I broke down and began feeding her when it snowed the last time and have continued to give her dry food and a bit of canned on the colder days. She is now known as Lady Jane Grey. Very friendly and loving once she is certain you mean her no harm.

Beginning to plan for Vacation Bible School this coming June. The theme this year is Joseph in Eqypt. Looks like fun but I am not shaving my head to get in character. I may wear the eye make-up though. LOL.