Saturday, May 19, 2007


Here I sit with my left foot in a "boot" to keep from flexing it while the inflamed tendon heals. Nearly six weeks now and it still hurts but at least I don't need the pain killers as much. Usually just to help me sleep now and if I have been overly optimistic about how much walking I can do. But life goes on and things could certainly be a lot worse. So in keeping with my usually optimistic attitude, that's enough of that.

My loving niece is who got me into this blogging stuff. She showed a Christmas Spider I crafted on her blog and it really looked good. She also told me about another niece's blog and I have enjoyed reading both blogs so much I decided to try one of my own.

I am a crafter. Just about the only thing I have tried and not really enjoyed is knitting and cross-stitch. I can do them. I just don't go out of my way to do them. I love miniatures and anything I can do on my lap (while my husband watches tv and I periodically glance at the screen).

Right now I am planning and re-planning crafts for Galilee-by-the-Sea VBS that is scheduled for June. We are going to have so much fun (as always)! I have been drilling holes in sea shells for the necklaces (and maybe anklets and bracelets). Discovered that the best bit for use in my rotary tool for this purpose is a ceramic tile bit. Works beautifully and quickly. Still working on a carving "stone" for the kids that won't be too messy and still last a long time. Also planning a footprint craft with sand and clay and maybe a picture of each child. Love this idea and am determined to make it work materials, money and timewise. Have most of the materials for a treasure box for the kids to make. We usually only do 4 crafts but this year there may be some additional quickies as well.

I am usually on my feet the whole time each evening so this foot has to be better by June 18th and I really need it to be better soon so I can go to yard sales and the stores to pick up things for VBS.


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