Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Still Around

I have been remiss in posting. Got out of the habit during the time I could not be on-line on my own computer and so much has been going on since we got the new computer that I have not gotten back into the habit.

Happy New Year to all! And thanks to Linda for reminding me I have friends out there who care about what happens to me and mine.

Lets see ... since my fall experience - which I am still recovering from, not as young as I used to be and those pesky bruises have left some deep seated pains behind - DH has had cataract surgery which went very well, he continues to get good reports on his PSA and blood sugar has improved too.

We have been adopted by another cat who is NOT NOT NOT coming in the house. She is a sweet grey and white bundle with a nice thick coat and must be getting food somewhere as she has been with us several weeks now and is still nicely padded along her ribs. We have provided a warm shelter for her as it has been very cold recently. In spite of no food from us she comes running up to us and purrs and even rubs against the dogs who have accepted her presence too (resignedly, I think).

Sassy, my going on 15 year old dog appears to have had a stroke just this past week. We came home from shopping Tuesday night and she was having balance problems and weakness in her rear legs. She had been fine that morning. Wednesday I took time off from work and got her to the vet who diagnosed stroke and gave her a steroid shot and other injections as well and gave me pills for her nausea. There has been improvement and she should continue to get better over the next several weeks from what the vet said and what I have read on-line. She finally started eating a little again last night and this morning is not looking so miserable. She was drinking fluids all the time so I was not too worried (sure, I wasn't) but am relieved she is showing interest in food and keeping it down again.

There are so many more things that have gone on but I don't want this to turn into a litany of woes (too late).

So on the brighter side - I have taken another step into the electronic age and have a digital photo frame which I figured out how to use by myself and an mp3 player the size of a credit card that also displays photos, videos, etc. I even discovered that my little mp3 player will plug into my bedside clock/radio/cd player and play through the speakers. I feel so empowered (lol).

I have a cell phone and have, with some trepidation, learned how to text and add minutes to it. Now I have to figure out how to clean up old messages I no longer want (just have not taken the time to do it).

I am still taking photos but not on a steady basis. The recent snows have provided some good shots.

I have let my hair grow for the first time in my adult life and now have hair that reaches below my shoulders (almost below my shoulder blades I think but hard to tell looking in the mirror myself). I want to get it trimmed/cut into layers that sweep back from my face and bangs to camo what I think of as a high forehead. All I need is the courage to let someone do it to me.

There were a lot of good and wonderful things that happened in the last year. There were also some not so good and wonderful things that we have survived. I'm sure the new year will be the same. Looking forward to new joys and challenges.


Terrace Crawford said...

2009 was a tough year for our family. Here's hoping for a great 2010 - for both of us.

--Terrace Crawford

linda may said...

G'Day Martha, I was pleased to hear from you. I had some tough times last year too, still not completely over them mentally/emotionally. Ah well we are in a new year, onwards and upwards eh.I am sure you and dear hubby will feel much better when the weather warms up and the warmer weather will send away your aches and pains. Cheers.