Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wide Awake at 2:30 a.m.

I have been going thru some medication changes in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, both the med I have just weaned off of and the new one I am just starting have a side effect in common - insomnia. I seem to be experiencing the side effect on the new one, too. If this keeps up I'll just stay awake all the time except for little naps which do not rejuvenate me. The side effect I would like to happen - decreased appetite - may be showing itself also. That one I could live with. I often wonder if the medications are worth the side effects. I should have left well enough alone but now I have to go thru with something. More doctor visits coming up.

The kittens will be 7 weeks old on Sunday. They are active and loving little things and I will hate to give them up but I cannot have any more cats. We have several too many now. I have taken to calling the two "black" ones Bravehearts as they were the first to do most things and were the first to venture along the sidewalk in the back yard. One of the two just loves to be cuddled and will climb pant legs to get picked up. The tortie has become quite adventursome also. She was the last born and was a little runty at first but has caught up with the others and holds her own quite well in competition for food and playing. We discovered them on top of the concrete block wall between our house and our neighbors on the north this morning. I watched until I figured out how they were doing it and then removed the climbing aids. If one of them should fall off the wall on the wrong side it would never make it back on its own and Lady Jane is not always around to fetch a wanderer back home.

Last night Lady Jane deposited a gift at the back door for the kittens. Thankfully the chipmunk was deceased when I found it and disposed of it. I am glad she is training them but could do without the gifts.

Well, the cup of hot chocolate may have worked. Back to bed to try sleeping again.


Paolo said...

Hi, I love how you write.

By the way, I used the line—"I am always young in my own mind even as my body ages more rapidly than desired."— as my Twitter update and Facebook status. Please grant me the permission. Thank you.

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Pedro Garcia Millan said...

i saw those green eyes in the sweat lodge!

linda may said...

G'Day Martha, Sorry to hear about your medication woes. Not sleeping is pretty hard to take.
It is grey and miserable here today, so inside in front of the computer is a good place to stay. Sorry I haven't been for a visit for a while, I am guilty of playing games on face book instead, the biggest time waster but 100% in preference to the rubbish on TV.My blog has been neglected in comparison.