Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Crafts and all the rest

I am doing photo ornaments this year with pictures I or other family members have taken in the past year. I needed a large supply of clear glass ornaments and my usual source for these is not carrying them this year. Hallelujah for the internet. Did you know you can take colored glass ball ornaments - new or used - and soak them in bleach, sometimes scrub gently to get the last color off, and swirl salt water inside to clean the interior? Sister Beth gave me a large container of old ornaments she picked up this past summer and after I went thru it I had over 50 colored glass balls in very used condition that are now gleamly nicely awaiting their transformation into photo ornaments. I will try to post pictures of the finished ornaments but I am not sure how well that will turn out. I also plan on making glass marble photo magnets but have discovered I need to go to WalMart and get the tiny pictures printed as my inkjet pictures blur and run when the glue goes on.

I have today thru Tuesday off. Lots of time and so little time to get it all done.

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Mary C said...

Hi Martha,

How's your project going? I stopped by to wish you a Blessed and Christ-filled Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.