Sunday, December 23, 2007

Photo Crafts

I am finishing the photo ornaments and magnets for this Christmas and remembered to take pictures before I packaged them.
They were a lot of work and I have bleach burns on the first two fingers of my right hand (healing now). Even the disposable gloves didn't prevent the bleach burns as the rims of the glass balls made tiny holes in every glove. But I am rather pleased with them. When I am finished I will have between 60 to 100 of each craft for the family grab bag exchange. I made extras of the photos in case anyone just has to have something that has already been taken.


mon@rch said...

very creative!

Jen said...

You are just amazing! Thank you for the ornaments for the boys and their girlfriends. They are BEAUTIFUL! The guys just loved them!

I LOVE the magnets! They are just beautiful. The one with the night flag is so perfect!

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Those are wonderful! Be careful with that bleach-yikes. I made some snowglobes that you insert a photo into the middle of them, one showing on each side. They came out cute too! Bought them at Eckerd's-now Rite-aid. I love personalized gifts. Thanks for sharing them. :)