Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quiet Time

Haven't done much with the new computer yet. No photos downloaded from the camera or music to work with. Using just the programs that came with the computer when we bought it right now and trying to wait for the Windows 7 upgrade in October. We are hoping to have a better experience that way for the install. Vista seems to be fighting with our Brother printer, too. If we leave the printer on all the time, it works. If we turn it off and then back on when the computer is already on the printer has been locking up on its boot. Went to the Brother site and found out about updated drivers but have not done anything further yet.

I go back to the opthamologist on Tuesday afternoon. The last appt went well from my perspective. I thought my eye was not much different from before. He seemed surprised I said that and I got the impression he was seeing more damage internally. I suppose since I live with it every day I don't really notice small changes. I still think I am not seeing any worsening of the shadow. I do get a little dizzy sometimes after looking back and forth at the computer screen at work and at the papers I am working from. Could be the eye or could be my vertigo saying hello again. OTC meclazine(?) takes care of it.

In further developments, DH is going to have cataract surgery in October - right before his 60th birthday. He goes for pre-op on the 21st and surgery on the 27th. He is also supposed to get his driver's license renewed before the 30th of October. The eye doctor says he "should" be able to pass whatever eye test the DMV has people taking now.

Missing posting photos. Missing taking photos. Missing playing with photos and music. Looking forward to getting everything computer wise straightened out soon. Missing going yard saleing. This summer got lost with the surgery and recovery period.

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