Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cheshire Cat Proof...

I always knew cats could turn invisible ...

My posting has been lax since Halloween as I have had a kitten with me most mornings and I can't type one-handed. Mouse-clicking I can do with only one hand so I have been visiting other blogs.

Both cats are doing fine. Momma cat is now being called Storm at my DH's request. He just could not call her Bibs. In the picture above she is sitting in front of her cold weather shelter which is lined with a survival blanket that reflects 90% of body heat. The shelter also contains a large wicker basket filled with straw that she snuggles down into. We have hopes of getting her into the basement when the weather gets really cold as she has actually walked into the house and down a few steps into the basement on her own.

Smoke is eating and growing and purring ... oh, can he purr. He snuggles with me in the evenings before going into his shelter in the kitchen as the nights are too cold for a little kitten to be outdoors. He has had two weeks of antibiotics and vitamins and seems to be doing fine.

Sassy still chases Storm and would like to chase Smoke but she is beginning to believe they are here to stay. This morning she was nose to nose with momma cat with no problem. Myste is fascinated with both of them and they let her walk right up to them and sniff and whine at them.

I have to get more dry and moist cat food today. They have eaten a 4 lb bag of kitten food in the last two weeks (well, some of it got dumped on the ground and the dogs were in heaven for a while nosing it out and chowing down). I cook for my dogs but cats have different requirements. And even Smoke is picky about some things - he and Storm love tuna but won't eat whitefish.

I have lost my mind and did not even realize it until this week ... I am feeding this kitten on my kitchen counter. It started when I had to give the kitten his medicine and vitamins and it was just so much easier to do it on my level rather than his. Now he sits on the towel on the counter and just waits for me to squirt the stuff down his throat then turns to the water and food dishes and calmly eats his meal on my kitchen counter ...


Mary C said...

Hi Martha - I've been wondering about you, your family, and the cats. I was beginning to think you had another health problem to deal with. I'm so glad to know all is well with everyone. I'm also glad to hear how the dogs and cats are learning to get along with each other. That is so cool.

linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
Yeah I thought you might be becoming a mad cat woman. Joking! Makes me smile. I like the names you chose, they match in rhyme and relation.
Where in the blooger rules book does it say you must blog at all times and how often. It's our choice when etc we choose to write.
Love Linda.