Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Leaves and Smoke

This one caught my attention the other day.
And this is/was the last clinging leaf on Dad's Japanese Maple.
Smoke is growing so fast. We took him back to the vet this week and he now weighs 2 whole pounds - almost twice as much as a month ago. He has a cough/irritation in his throat and wheezes a couple times a day. The vet gave us more antibiotic for him that does not taste as good as the first one did but he still takes it willingly. Momma cat, Stormy, has a bed in the basement along with a litter box and food and water. She willingly (actually, she demandingly) comes in a few times a day and checks everything out then goes to the back door and waits to be let out. She spent a long time on my lap the other night while we were watching TV. DH had Smoke on his lap and I just picked Stormy up and she settled right down. We had a scare last night before I got home from work. Smoke had been outside and was nowhere to be seen. DH as well as Mom, Dad, and sister Beth were out looking for him with flashlights when I got home. I walked thru the house and out onto the back porch and there he sat at the top of the steps leading to the outside basement entrance. DH was not happy but cheered up after I fed him. Smoke now is wearing a tiny little red collar that will help us locate him in the dark.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US. I have both Thursday and Friday off - the result of being a quasi-state worker - whatever holidays the governor or legislature decrees our office gets also. We have been invited to Jen's again. She and her husband do the cooking and we do the eating. Thanksgiving.


The Thrifty Blogger said...

What a beautiful kitty! :)

Happy Thanksgiving too!

mon@rch said...

Smoke is a cuttie for sure! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

linda may said...

Happy Bitrthday to you too.Happy thanks giving as well, we don't have that here. Fancy our birthdays being so close together!