Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Golden Glory

This is in the yard of the neighbor behind Mom and Dad's house.

There are still some gorgeous trees around town. I see them in the morning sun on my way to work and the evening sun on my way home. There was a beautiful multi-color display across the street from the courthouse that included a still mostly green, a mostly yellow, a red and an orange tree for a few days. Looking with eyes only you can tune out the power and telephone lines but I could not find a good vantage point for a photograph.

The weather has warmed again so that we have 50's and 60's daytime and nights are in the low 50's or 40's. Good for the heating bills. We have had some rain recently - enough that my dogs looked like drowned rats (at least skinny Sassy did) after going under the bushes searching for the cats.

I replaced the plastic sheeting on the north end of the porch this past weekend to cut the winter winds. At least this year I did it in reasonably warm weather instead of waiting for freezing temperatures. I hate heights and replacing the plastic involves ladders and walking on the banister and the cement block wall. I was okay going up, it is always coming down that is the problem for me. It takes enormous effort to let go of whatever I am holding on to and move my foot off the surface I am standing on. But I got it done and it should last the winter. I still have the south end to replace, though, and that is a whole different set of problems. I'll think about it later.

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