Monday, August 4, 2008


The kits are growing so fast. They are 6 weeks old now (as of this past Friday) and are brave, fearless, explorers who have no common sense as yet. So the crate has grown with them. I added another level this past weekend to give them more room to play and have they ever used it. Both Momma Stormy and Smoke enjoy the outside carpeted level, Momma mostly to sleep and still keep a watchful eye on kitten antics and Smoke to reach in and play with kits. Smoke and the kittens get unfettered play time together too. I am still not completely certain that he does not think of the kittens as entertaining prey but he does watch out for them and tries to herd them away from areas he does not want them in.

I have hung toys both inside and outside the crate to help entertain them when they get bored with romping with each other. There are now so many levels of entertainment and places to sleep.

Sister Beth and I went to yard sales on Saturday again. I came home with 8 more picture frames for only $4.50 total. We have about another month of yard sales before the season is over for this year. Have to start making plans for next year's Fair photos.

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linda may said...

Goodness me Martha did I neglect to comment here. I did read it before this.