Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here is how I watched most of the Olympics these past two weeks.

When I say "watched" it was really watching highlights and re-runs as I generally could not stay up late enough to watch much live. But I got to see the best of the gymnastics and volleyball and swimming and diving. Sorry the video is so dark here, it is much better on my home computer screen. The kits climb all over the two crates we made for them and perform some pretty amazing gymnastics. Meanwhile, momma Stormy and Smoke find safety inside the crates while the kits are out.

How do you like my peacocks?

Saturday Mom and I went to 8 yardsales as Beth and Dad went to church meetings. I got some nice buys for VBS next year (the set of 3 metal peacocks only cost $1) and 12 picture frames. Actually, 10 of the frames are frameless and consist of 8x10 pieces of glass with foamboard backings and metal holders at each corner. These won't be any good for next year's fair photos but will be nice for home use. I only paid $2.50 for the whole lot and only 50 cents each for the other two frames I bought, one of which is oval. Mom and I had a great time and came home exhausted (at least I did). I had a nice lie down on the bed with all four kittens clambering over me and the bed. They are really active and loving. I am so glad we had this litter inside where they could be well socialized.

They have no fear and are beginning to express interest in OUTSIDE. When I open the door to let dogs in or out I have to check carefully for any nearby kits and even if I do not see any I usually still have to chase one down as it streaks off the porch after having eluded my grasping hands when it darted through the door. Shamus, who is being adopted by my cousin, is usually the culprit. Barb is going to have SO MUCH FUN with him.

It has been a long week for us. Saturday evening DH started having pains in his neck, shoulder and arm. He had had these before and got a cortisone shot in July for the same thing. This time it was worse. All day Sunday he was in agony. Monday morning he was a bit better but we still went to the doctor without an appointment but they squeezed us in. Prescription for pain pill and set up for MRI. Went to the pharmacy and picked up Rx's. Monday afternoon was his preop for the prostate surgery so we went to hospital and spent most of the afternoon there (waiting, mostly) and got that taken care of. Got another Rx there for Flomax that he had to start taking that evening. Back to the pharmacy to get the new Rx. MRI set up for Tuesday afternoon so I had to take more time off work because he still could not drive himself. Pain not much improved on Tuesday and Rx not really helping. So we went to the hospital for the MRI first and spent a few hours there then back to the doctor to ask about stronger pain meds then back to the pharmacy to see about filling the Rx where we were told the new Rx was just a stronger pill of the same thing he already had and just take 1 1/2 of the current tablets instead of filling the new Rx. Duh! Why didn't they just tell us that at the doctor's office? He was able to work on Wednesday and the rest of the week. Thursday evening we got home to discover a message on the answering machine from the nurse to please call about the results of the MRI. They have my work number but repeatedly call and leave messages on the home phone instead of calling me at work. So Friday morning I called and she tells me DH has "bulges" in his back and they are making a referral to a neurosurgeon. DH calls me and I tell him and on his last break of the day he is able to talk to the nurse and she tells him the same thing but has no real explanation of what the "bulges" are. It will take a few days to set up the appt with the neurosurgeon. Oh, and I have my yearly mammogram set for 9/5.

Life goes on.


Mary C said...

Martha, I thoroughly enjoyed your kitty video. I wish I knew why Google uploads our videos on the dark side. I've had the same problem. You and your husband are in my prayers.

Martha said...

Thank you, Mary. Sometimes I get so tired and depressed right now. Then I open my eyes and see something wonderful or hear an encouraging word and I can go on again.

Jen said...

I love you both bunches! I hope that things get better with Uncle's neck and shoulders.

Oh! I want to come play with your hair before you and Mom go to the reunion! Can I, can I , can I?

I remember this picture mom showed me of you standing before your mirror (I think you were in high school) and I just loved your hair! Can I play with it?