Monday, September 1, 2008

Grey Pearls

I took this shot yesterday morning and did not discover its fascination until this morning.

This past weekend was interesting. Sister Beth and I went to a reunion for the school we attended before we were all transferred to a consolidated high school. We were among the last students to attend the old school but graduated from the new consolidated school. It was interesting being the "babies" at our age. The graduates were celebrating graduations that had occurred as much as 75 years earlier and the last graduating class was in 1968. We were considered to be class of '69. There were only 6 or 8 of us in this group but there were over 150 people at the reunion including one lady who came all the way from Florida to attend. It was a good meal and lots of laughter and we saw people we rarely see anymore.

I have been letting my hair grow longer and Jen wanted to "play" with it for the reunion. Now I have had naturally curly hair since childhood. I have a few pictures of me as a very young child with straight hair but nothing beyond the first few grades of school. Jen straightened my long hair. Curly it reaches below my shoulders. Straight it was about mid-back. It was an interesting experience to have long straight hair. I kept saying it felt like baby-doll hair it was so smooth and silky. I still have to assimilate this experience.

We did go yardsaleing again on Saturday too. I got MORE picture frames including two that have owl pictures in them. I used to collect owls like crazy but not so much anymore. These however may get to keep their frames and be hung on the walls as long as I find a place they won't be staring at my husband all the time. This past weekend was probably the end of the good yard sales for the season. There may be a few more in September but it will be nothing like during the summer months.

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Jen said...

I keep coming back to look at this. It is just so captivating! I love it!