Friday, September 19, 2008


DH had his prostate surgery on Monday. We were at the hospital from 5:30 am until after 3:30 pm. All went well with the radioactive seed implantation. The actual procedure only took about an hour then he was in recovery for a while then was taken down to the cancer center for more scans to be certain everything was where it should be. Then he was told to walk and drink and walk and drink so they could be sure the bladder was working before they would discharge him. So we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. He kept telling me I could go sit down with Mom and Dad and did not have to walk with him but I told him if he was walking, I was walking. It took about 4 hours to satisfy the cancer center people that he was emptying his bladder satisfactorily. We stopped and ate on the way home then went to the pharmacy for Rx for him then home. The next morning we went back to the cancer center at 8 am for a re-check of things then he was released to come home with more Rx and take it easy for a few days instructions.

So then I collapsed. Probably just the stress of worrying about him and pushing so hard at work the week before to get as much done as possible so I would not feel guilty for taking this whole week off. I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday in bed with a slight fever and internal upsets. Back to normal now.

So this is the first time I have even been on the computer all week. I have tried today to check in on everyone's blogs just to see what you have all been up to while I was "away".

Oh, yes. We have not put the kits away at night all week either. They have not been crated at all since we got back from the cancer center on Tuesday. They are enjoying their freedom immensely. Once we settle down for the night we have a few problems with feet moving under blankets (Spot especially likes to attack feet) and have learned to keep an extra multi-folded sheet on the bed to help protect our toes. During the night we are sometimes aware of little bodies bouncing across the bed and creeping up the sides but for the most part they are good little kittens and bother the adult cats more than us.

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Mary C said...

Martha, I'm so glad to hear that your husband is doing well. Praise the Lord! No doubt you got sick from all the stress you were going through. I'm glad you are doing better, too. I had to laugh about the kittens and attacking feet under the covers - we are dealing with that, too, right now. Cash does it more than Tango does. I wonder if it's a "boy thing." Avalanche and Tornado used to do it too when they were younger.