Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yard Sale Treasures

Sister Beth and I went to yard sales again today and did we have fun. As we were leaving the neighbor up the street was walking to the neighbor across the street as they were also going to the sales. We met up with them at about 4 of the sales we hit. And of course we ran into other people we regularly see at yard sales, too. I came home with 3 more picture frames, a nice acid-free photo album that will hold 8x10 photos, more tins for putting the glass picture balls in for Christmas, a bread-machine recipe book (I am always looking for more bread recipes), more things for VBS next year including a battery powered bird in a cage that sings and moves (I think we will have to set up a booth just for the birds next year), 6 king-sized flat sheets that have never been used for only $1 each, ... and the above-pictured cat habitat ... for only $2.

I brought the thing in the house and put it where the smaller of the two NIC crates I built was positioned. As you can see, all 5 cats were delighted with the new addition. Spot is the one on top of it all, momma Stormy and Velcro are the next level down, Tig-Tig is on the bottom inside and Smoke is creeping around the outside (he looks so small in this picture but he is actually bigger than momma Stormy. All the blue stuff you see on the floor is shredded pool noodle. They love the pool noodles for scratching and I am constantly cleaning up the floor around the crates. I have a length of noodle attached from floor to the top level of the larger crate and they have almost clawed it in half. It is hard to believe the kits are 13 weeks old now. Barb keeps me up-to-date on what Shamus is doing and says she is just as rotten as my three.

Sister Beth and I filled the car today with all our treasures. She carried her last purchase on her lap on the way home as we had no more room in the trunk or the back seat (we could have turned the cat habitat around and started filling it up with smaller items but we were both tired and decided to call it a day. She did get some larger items today too like the wicker plant stand and basket and the shopping bags of yarn she found. DH is very patient and long-suffering about my yard sale finds. He watches as I unpack and describe each item and what I intend to do with them and makes appropriate sounds at intervals ... he does not understand the attraction of the yard sales but does like the savings on things like the cat habitat (around $30 in stores) and the king-size sheets.


Mary C said...

Martha, great yard finds. I really like that cat habitat -- looks like all the kitties do, too!

linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
I have not been for a visit for a while as I have had my Mother in Law here for a week. All is well though.
I am pleased to hear that the surgery went well, I hope things continue to improve for you and yours.
I had a visit on my blog from your niece, Kim. I couldn't get into her page to answer because a thingy came up, saying "by invitation only" but say hello to her from me and, of course I am pleased to have her read my blog if she wants to.
The yard sales sound like fun,you sure got some bargains, we call them garage sales here.