Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer Colds

Long time no post. Didn't even get a post in about last Saturday's yard sales. DH and I have both been down with summer colds - right before DH's scheduled surgery, of course.

Beth and I did go yard saleing on Saturday and I came home with ---- more picture frames! I picked up two large frames (really large) and a few smaller ones at various sales and also got some plastic display cases DH can put some of his model cars in. There are supposed to be some more good yard sales tomorrow if the rain holds off and some are rain or shine sales. These late season sales are surprising me.

Cousin Barb says the vet has told her Shamus is a girl kitty. So I am even more confused about the 3 I have left. Actually only Tigger is still a question. Based on pictures on-line I know Velcro is female and am 99% certain of Spot. But Tig's fur around the (ahem) posterior and determined squirming doesn't allow a clear view of the questionable area. I am leaning toward female since Shamus has been declared female but am still not certain. It doesn't really matter either except for future surgery purposes.

DH called the doctor's office when he got sick and was told the cold should not interfere with the prostate surgery as he should be mostly recovered by then. We are hoping this is the case as we both scheduled ourselves off work next week. DH will have the radioactive seed implantation on Monday if all goes well. It is out-patient surgery and he should come home that night then we have to go back the next day for more checking that everything is where it should be and working well. Then we wait and see what his PSA is in a few months and what complications develop. Everyone says things should be fine but I always worry about the unexpected.

I haven't even been out to take any pictures this week since I was down with my cold. I admired the sky and clouds going to and from work but once in the house did not feel like going back out with the camera.

And I have been carless this week, too. DH's car has been the shop for extensive repair and he borrowed mine last week and broke it, too. The tensionor? that holds the serpentine belt that powers everything that needs power broke on Friday. We got it fixed this week but because the shop uses "only genuine GM parts" we had to wait for the part to come in and I only got the car back yesterday evening. So his car is still sitting at the repair shop awaiting a few more paydays (repairs almost as much as the car is worth!) and our wonderful brother-in-law loaned DH his car for the past week. We are very grateful to him for doing this. It would have been extremely difficult for DH to get to work and home again otherwise.

It won't matter too much about vehicles next week as we should be home after DH's surgery and Dad takes me to and from work as needed here in town. Dad is also going to be providing transportation home from the hospital after DH's surgery and back and forth the next day as his vehicle is much more suitable to DH's tender condition. Dad has a Tahoe and DH can get up into it rather than down into a car.


Jen said...

Shamus is a girl? Wow...surprise!

Sorry you and Uncle have had colds. Mr. Chef has had a sore throat for a few days and tonight gets to go march a halftime show in the rain! Joy!

While I have missed your photos, it is always nice to just sit back and enjoy God's work. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Kim said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon!

What a surprise to find out shamus is a girl?.

I'm glad that your brother in law was nice to lend you his car. I know how much of a pain it is to be down to one vehicle. Not fun at all.

Thank you for all your comments on my page.

Take care

You guys are in our prayers.

God Bless,


linda may said...

Ah Yes! The letters are back in that little box that lets you accept my silly comments!I tried a couple of days ago without success.
Here goes...
First up I wish you and your DH a easy operation and a speedy recovery from what is coming this week for him.
Well Shamus is a sneaky little fella isn't she! He he. I guess there will be another name change in order. Ginger kitties are often Color/sex linked and are boys. It is more rare to find one who is a female, though it can happen.Likewise tortoiseshell cats are always females.
I will have my next cuppa with you in mind as a fellow tea lover. :)
Love Linda.