Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Christmas Present

A gift from my mother and father. I get lots of Santas as I collect them and have well over 150 at this point. Some are antiques and family heirlooms, some were found at yard sales, most were gifts from family and friends. Jen is going to take pictures of many of them in the future.


It's you know who! said...

Those are cute! lol :)

Do you have any of those old Coca-Cola ones? My mother has an old one of those, she loves it!

linda may said...

Very Cute. I love that tyre swing thing, I have not seen a horsey one before. And I love that toddlers velvet dress.

Martha said...

You know who - thanks for all your comments. My Santa collection has taken over my Christmas decorating and some stay out all year. No Coca-Cola ones, though.

Linda May - Nanny and her hubby find the neatest things for the grandkids! Nanny bought the velvet dress, too, and once she got it on, G refused to take it off!