Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh my aching back! Oh, the pretty lights!

DH and I restrung the lights on the back porch today. The temperature had moderated into the 50's (he denies it, though) so we did not freeze during the process. I rigged a telescoping light hanging pole from a duster handle that cut down considerably on the need for ladders and stretching precariously. However, the unaccustomed angle and precision required is already taking a toll on my arms, neck, and shoulders ... and my lower back is protesting, too. But the porch looks really nice! We have three strings of lantern lights with flicker bulbs and a long string of icicle lights that go along the porch roof and then strung a LONG string of colored mini-lights that goes all the way around. I tried to take pictures but was too lazy to get the tripod out and the pics are all fuzzy.
We were going to put more lights on the front porch where we already have LED icicles and colored lights but discovered the plugs on the motion lights we were going to use don't fit inside the light covers. We will have to come up with some short extension cords or something similar. From our slight height elevation I can look out over the town and see many decorated houses. I want to go out light-seeing and take photos too. In the meantime, I have played with wiggling my camera at my own lights. (Hey, why not take advantage of not being able to hold the camera still!)


Jen said...

Very cool!

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Martha said...

Your "just a wiggle" inspired me to create my own but I wiggled a bit more than you did. LOL. Enjoyed our talk last night. Love my circle cutter. Looking forward to more pictures from you.

Jen said...

So the circle cutter works for you? Oh,that's great!

linda may said...

G'Day, The pics are great, I have played with shaky camera and lights too. Fun eh! Your back/neck/shoulders sound like they reacts like mine do to above shoulder work. I hate trying to hang curtains back up after I wash them.
There is a house around the corner from us that is absolutely covered in Christmas lights, a tad over done and very kitsch, there are others around here that are very stylishly decorated. We usually put up lights but we haven't this year...rented house etc. Plus Pete has no idea and gets cranky if I try to help and I don't need that. He he.
Merry Christmas.

It's you know who! said...

LOL I was wondering if those were some new kind of lights that I'd not seen yet! I love that picture across the header of your page too, you're really good with the camera! :)