Thursday, December 11, 2008


We just went over 12 hours with the computer not able to finish a boot. DH had done something with an ActiveX control yesterday afternoon but it would not install properly. From that point on the computer would freeze somewhere during the boot process. Sometimes we got all the way to the desktop and were able to open a program before the freeze happened. He worked with it for at least 2 hours before I got home and had no more patience once I got here. So I sent him to his room and worked on it myself to no avail all last evening. I even tried System Restore but the computer would freeze during that too. Now, sometimes our modem causes problems with the computer so we are not sure if it was the computer or the modem that acted up yesterday. We unplugged the power to the modem to try to get it to reset but that did not seem to help. I finally just turned it all off and went to bed. DH tried again this morning with no luck. I tried again with no luck this morning. Then I decided to try System Restore by not waiting for the boot to complete and opened it and started it as soon as the desktop appeared. System Restore even seems to have shut down the modem completely during the restore process. Hallelujah! everything seems fine now. Whew! All my Christmas craft and photos are on the computer and I was resigning myself to not being able to complete them for Christmas. I am feeling much better now. LOL.


linda may said...

You are clever-er than me!
Lovely dawn picture Martha.
I have tagged you to share an award I was given, go to my blog to get it if you like.
Merry Christmas.
Love Linda.

It's you know who! said...

Computer problems are scary! Glad you got it fixed and working fine. :)