Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another week has passed

since I last posted. I don't know where the time is going right now. But I was out taking pictures this morning and wanted to share with you. The maple across the alley is developing nicely. It is not as full as last year, maybe as a result of a rather dry summer.
Before the sun actually topped the hills I got a few softer shots including this one of a dewdrop.

Then the sun came out and I got some nice web shots with rainbow gleams on the webs.

I also got a different view of Mom's flowers by the basement door.

The "twin" tree by the alley has its oak part turning and these leaves dangle low enough for nice pictures.
And the goldenrod is starting to fade but still provides a nice landscape.


Mary C said...

Martha - I hope you and your hubby's health are improving. I love your pictures. Maples are so pretty this time of year. You did a great job with that dew drop and the colorful web.

linda may said...

G'day Martha, I hope all is going well for Hubby and you. Agent Orange? Was he a Vietnam Veteran. Your babies have grown so much. I was trying to work out the brown thing in the picture before I read that it was a toy. I could not remember you having a kitty that color. :) Your Autumn colors are wonderful and I like the tunnel pictures.