Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is what happens when you try to sleep "late" (anytime after 6 a.m.).


Kim said...

You have a full bed!!! They look very comfy!

Martha said...

You'll notice there is no room on "my side". I usually find myself either curled up at the top of the bed or very straight on either my right or left side - with Sassy curled against me, too. It's a queen-size bed but I don't think a king would help. lol.

Mary C said...

I think a king size bed would allow all the kitties to stretch out more. But for you and hubby you would probably have the same amount of space you do now. ;o) We also have a queen, but we don't always have the cats sleeping with us. I think there's more room on my daughter's bed since it's just her and she also has a queen. But like you said (since I'm the one that feeds them) there's no sleeping in after 6 a.m. But I've learned what a great time of the day it is, except for now when it's so dark at that hour. Only another week to go before the time change.

linda may said...

No wonder you DH is hiding under the covers. It is a cat invasion.He he.
Maybe they consider themselves your personal 4 legged alarm clocks.
Velcro, what a good name for a kitty cat. I like that.