Monday, October 6, 2008


I did go out and get more dew-covered web photos yesterday. These are both the same web that I discovered in Dad's Japanese Maple.

Then I worked on winterizing. I replaced the plastic on the basement windows on the south side of the house but discovered I must wait for cooler weather to do the north side - the bumblebees are still working on the daisies there. Then I started on the front porch - taking down old lights and plastic and replacing with new. We put up a panel of plastic to break the wind that comes from the north and right into the front door. The old panel had lasted 2 years but was becoming brittle. Then we took down the old string lights that we use for porch lighting all year (so much better general illumination than regular porch lights) and replaced them with new strings of LED lights. I like the new look. DH helped with the front porch so it went quickly as he could hang the lights without having to climb the ladder.
I don't like ladders and heights though so it was a real challenge for me to go up and down the step-ladder and balance myself while stapling plastic and threading the cords through the hooks we use to keep our lights up.
I managed to injure myself, of course. I had a can of air to clean out the electric sockets and at one point I knocked it off the bench onto the floor and then stepped on it with my left foot. The foot is not as sore now as it was after that and after all the climbing on the ladder so I may just get away with some aching. No swelling or bruising at least.
It is dark later in the mornings now and earlier in the evenings. I will enjoy Linda's posts from Australia so much during the coming months as she is moving through spring and summer. She tagged me for something I am still thinking about. I have not forgotten, Linda.


Kim said...

I love the fall leaves! We have a lot of evergreens here so we dont see the changing of leaves everday. If we want to see the pretty fall leaves we need to drive to the park or towards the mountains! The spider webs are amazing through the camera's lens.

Kim said...

Aunt Martha,

The crafts and things i made is below the pictures of the kids. Hope you get a chance to look at them.