Saturday, October 25, 2008

Peach Maple

My favorite fall maple has finally come into its glory this season. This tree is in my parent's yard. It is not truly Fall until this tree changes color as far as I am concerned. Yesterday the tree was still nondescript. Today, even with clouds and rain, the tree is glorious.

Sister Beth and I went to yard sales and a craft sale today. There were only about a half dozen sales listed in the paper and almost all of them said rain or shine or indoors, so off we went a 8 a.m. I came home with more tins for packing christmas ornaments in and two more collage picture frames. We went to a moving sale just two blocks over. The elderly lady had recently moved to a nursing home and her family was clearing the house. All the accumulation of years of costume jewelry, souvenirs, holiday decorations and kitchenware was spread out for strangers to paw through and walk away with. But she has gone into a nice home with another relative already there. That was the sale I got the picture frames from and also a few of the tins. I also came home with some wooden clothes hangers to try to make musical harps for next year's VBS and another wooden bar stool for Dad.

The craft sale was at a local high school. Beth and I were inside out of the rain but exposed to temptation in the form of baked goods. I came home with two small pies - pumpkin and apple - for DH and me. Beth got fudge and buckeyes and we shared the buckeyes in the car. Chocolate and peanut butter - nothing better, except maybe Nanny's Christmas Peeper Cookies and my Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies and .....


Kim said...

The tree is so beautiful!!! Thank you for posting the photo.

Ryan is doing great out of the boot and he is being careful not to over do it.

Hope all is well!

Mary C said...

It sounds like you are mentally getting prepared or psyched up for the upcoming holidays, Martha. And yes, that peach maple is looking glorious. Thanks for sharing.

It's me! said...

Nice picture, very pretty! :)

linda may said...

That tree is beautiful, luminescent.
Hmm. Peanut Butter surprise cookies. I think you better share that recipe on here Martha. What are buckeyes, we don't have them here?