Saturday, October 18, 2008

Auto Fall

The drive back from Pittsburgh on Thursday was beautiful in spite of the clouds and occasional spitting rain. I did not realize it until I reviewed my photos that Pennsylvania rarely offered views of just trees. It seems more commercialized next to the interstate. Once we got back into West Virginia, though ...
the views and hills took over again (probably just prejudice on my part).
We never stopped the car anywhere to just take pictures and when we did stop at The Highlands to eat it was all parking lots and stores. (Jen, I saw the Michael's store! We did not go in to anywhere but Cabela's but I saw the Michael's store!)

Then we came home over the hilltop and down Rt 250 hill. You can see the difference between long straight interstate and curvy hilly twisty 250.

I got some nice shots before the road and my head started disagreeing with each other.

After that I still managed to get a few shots but it is amazing how quickly a scene disappears when you are in a car.

Almost home, we are going down the hill into Moundsville now. This is one of the longer "straight" stretches going down hill.


Jen said...

Fantastic shots!!!!

YAY, for Michael's!! I am sure Uncle is thrilled you found a craft store! Lol!

The naturally curly hair didn't protect you from getting dizzy? Shhh! Don't tell Mom! Hehehe!

Dana said...

Nice shots Aunt Martha! Our peak of color came and went about 2 weeks ago and now almost all the leaves have fallen off and we've mulched/raked them.
I too took lots of photos, especiallly when we went camping last weekend, but have yet to download them...

Mary C said...

Ah, yes, Martha - it's something about traveling in the mountains south of the Mason-Dixon line. The south knows how to "show off" their natural beauty! ;o) Such beautiful colors in your part of the country. Thanks for sharing your photos.

linda may said...

G,Day Martha,
Lovely pictures showing your autumn glory colors. OMG! Those cars are on he wrong side of the road! Nah just joking. ;)