Thursday, July 19, 2007

Freedom! ... sort of

I went to see Dr. Le yesterday about the foot. He was pleased and said I can start working my way out of the boot - wear it outdoors and when doing a lot of walking but can take it off indoors and gradually do more walking without it. He gave me another Rx for pain pills so he must expect there will be some additional pain but he says I am doing fine and don't need to go back to see him unless it gets worse again (after allowing for more use). I told him what I have been doing and he said just continue with it (I have already not been wearing the boot in the evenings at home as long as not going up and down basement stairs to laundry). So less scritch/thumping is in my future.

However, I am now on blood pressure meds and adjusting to that. What I am taking is leaving me exhausted much of the time but that is supposed to diminish as I adjust. I was taking it in the morning with my oatmeal but could hardly function at work in the morning. So after talking to the nurse I am now taking it in the evening about 2 hrs before I go to bed and most of the exhaustion is gone by the time I get to work at 8:30 am. I'm not happy about how I feel yet but will wait and see what the result is when I go back to see Dr. Hess next month.

Loving the new camera and the pictures I am taking with it. Still can't get a good picture of either of my dogs or Dad's even with the Kids&Pets setting which is supposed to help with subjects that don't stand still. For some reason all our pets seem to be camera shy (or stubborn) and as soon as they know what you are doing they find somewhere else to look or be. Linda May commented on my picture of the QA Lace that at least flowers stay still and I am grateful for that. Here is one of the Trumpet Vine in Mom's yard.

Linda May's sister needs prayers right now. She is recovering from a bad dog bite as related in Linda May's July 18 post. I can only imagine what she is going thru - I still remember a tiny insignificant dog bite from my childhood (and have never liked dauschaunds since).

It's raining right now. A nice gentle rain instead of the downpour I heard around 2 am. We have needed the rain. Haven't had to cut the grass again as it isn't growing and parts of the field are turning brown. I don't see much evidence of the drought when I am in town but out here on the edges you can tell the difference. We need the rain - just not too much too fast.

And, Lord, can you have the rain miss Pleasant Hill on Saturday for the Ice Cream Social and Nanny's house, too, for Becca's birthday party? But we need the rain, so I will understand if it has to rain in the valley on Saturday.


Jen said...

I am so glad that you are given some relief from The Boot! When did YOU go on blood pressure meds?! WHY are you on blood pressure meds?! What HAPPENED?! Oh, I am calling you tonight!

Ok. Done with the tantrum. Better now.

I read Linda's post the other day. I was so shocked to hear about her sister! All she was doing was playing with the dog like usual, too. She and Linda are in my prayers.

Camera woes were normal for me when I first got mine. I know you will figure it out. You are great at stuff like that. Always have been!

Dana said...

What a beautiful photo! And I'm so glad to hear that you can start weaning oof the boot now! What's up with the other meds though? Are you taking care of yourself? *shaking finger in your general direction*

linda may said...

Thanks for thinking of my sister. Your garden pictures are looking good. How much land do you have? What is your annual rainfall and do you have winter rain and summers dry like we do where i live?
The blood pressure tablets, well me too, but I recently got the dosage halved by cutting out salt and loosing some weight. Still trying not to put it back on though. I reckon my over eating is as big an addiction as any drug/alcohol ones, though I've not been there thank god. The new medication will take a while to get used to so hang in there.
Love Linda.