Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Slide Show

This week butterflys arrived in Mom's yard. They were really attracted to some tall purple flowers she has this year. They would flit around the others but always came back to these. I got some wonderful shots using the continuous shooting mode on the new camera.

(Edit: see the slide show links on right for the Butterfly slide show.)

Silly Rabbit and her babes have moved on. The two babes came out of the nest this week and I managed to watch them for a time. Such tiny things to be braving the big world. At least they have stayed out of my dogs' yard.

We also have a deer with three legs in the neighborhood. I saw him alone one day eating my crabapples and then with another buck the next. Dad and Beth say there are four of them at times. My dogs dash out the door so fast when I open it that they probably chase the deer off before I can see them. They also chase off the grey cat that has been hanging around for a few weeks now. I see it slinking around bushes and the corners of things at times. I hope it has a real home somewhere.

I have been out of the Boot all day today. Dad, Mom, Beth and I went out to WalMart then down to the Fairgrounds to enter photos in the Fair that starts this week. I entered butterfly photos and one I took of my Day Lilies this spring. We stood in line for an hour or more just to enter the photos. I don't expect to win anything - I just want others to see my photos.

So standing in line plus the time in WalMart took a toll on me. I haven't really been out anywhere except to work and for groceries for several months because of my foot. We went to eat lunch after submitting the photos and I came home and napped afterwards. But the foot is not too bad so far. I used my cane while we were out and stood on one foot a lot while standing in line. I hope to be able to walk without watching every step soon, but I will be careful for now. The BP is doing fine without meds, too. I have been using the wrist monitor we have at least twice a day just to keep track and am always in the good range for both top and bottom numbers. Even after exerting myself the numbers don't go much above the normal values and never into the higher ranges. And I feel much better without the meds.


Dana said...

Fantastic shots of those butterflies!

Oh, and I heard a little rumor about those photos you entered! *grin*
"I don't expect to win anything-" Well, I heard you DID!!!!!!

Jen said...

Are you going to tell everybody? Come on!!! Tell them!!! Tell them!!! Please? *pout* Tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em! *bouncing*

You have to! You are my cohort in photography crime! Tell 'em what you won! You know you want to. *grin*