Saturday, July 21, 2007

Off with their meds!

Alice in Wonderland had bad experiences with "drugs" and so do I. Yesterday afternoon at work the side effects of the BP meds manifested quite strongly. If I could have thought clearly I would asked someone for help but in the times I was able to think a little more clearly what I thought was "There, that should be over now." But by the time I got home (yes, I drove my car home myself) all I could do was collapse.

Now bear in mind that this same thing happened Monday and I talked to the nurse on Tuesday morning about it. I told her that I was weak, shaky, sleepy, dizzy, light-headed, could not complete a thought, weepy, and wanted to crawl under my desk and hide - but I was still functional at times (I think - we have not found enormous errors from Monday, at least). I went in to the doctor's office on Wednesday to have my pressure checked and talked to the nurse more then. Her advice was that I would adjust and the side effects would diminish. She takes the same meds for her BP. She suggested I continue to take the meds but try it at night as I had on Tuesday and hopefully I would sleep thru the worst of it.

I don't think so.

Friday at work was not quite as bad as Monday but it was close. I was weak, aching in every joint, close to tears a number of times, exhausted, and spaced out if I did not concentrate very hard. I put my head down on my desk and slept at lunchtime. I knew I could not drive myself home at that point but did not have the capacity to call someone else to come get me - and I had so much to do since the computer had been down for 2 days earlier in the week that I could not make myself leave (we'll have to wait and see if I made any big mistakes). So I stayed at work and was feeling somewhat better by 4:30 and drove myself home. Then I collapsed - first in the recliner then across the bed.

When I was able to move again (at least I could walk) I went over to Mom & Dad's as we were supposed to practice for singing on Saturday. Cousin Barb had come down from Wheeling and I wanted to be sure they knew which stack of music Dad and I had pulled out from our inventory the night before. (I had no problems with the meds on Thursday at all except for being tired!) I was barely able to talk without wanting to cry. Sister Beth called the doctor's answering service and they passed a message to the doctor on call. She called back to Beth after I went back home and said stop taking the meds and call my doctor on Monday (which is what I wanted to do in the first place when I talked to the nurse on Wednesday!!!!). She thinks the meds may be aggravating my fibrositis and IBS etc.

Neither of my parents were able to tolerate these particular meds either. I have made a point of telling the doctor who my parents are so he can keep family history in mind (we all have the same doctor - right now) and it's all in the file. Apparently he either did not think this was significant or thought the risks were worth the benefits (if I'm upset this way wouldn't that elevate my BP?). I am not impressed at this point with this doctor.

But as you can tell, this morning I am feeling better and able to express myself coherently (right?) or least vehemently. I am still weak and shaky but no longer exhausted. I am NOT taking this medication anymore no matter what they say about adjusting to it.

I would go completely drug free if I could (except for those nice pain pills when I really hurt and even then I try a cup of tea or hot chocolate first). I take vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements to help with the fibrositis (that's all in the doctor's file, too) and would prefer to treat other conditions with "natural" products when possible. But I understand that some things require "drugs." Just keep them away from me as long as possible.

Tirade finished (for now ... more to come, I'm sure).

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, clear and sunny with highs in the 70's. The Ice Cream Social up at Pleasant Hill and Becca's birthday party should have nice weather and a good turn-out. We will be singing for the Ice Cream Social without Nanny, our sole alto, who is hosting Becca's party (she's the granny). But we will be doing old favorites and it is for background rather than featured performance so all should go well. Our time slot is from 3:30 to 4:30 and we plan to eat ice cream, too.

Have a nice day, everyone and don't worry about me (but keep me in your prayers).


The Thrifty Blogger said...

Aww, wow, you sure have been through a lot this week! I'm glad you're feeling better, and hope you continue to improve. I will sure keep you in my prayers. Enjoy some ice cream if you can, too! :)

Dana said...

Good grief. YOu have been through a storm haven't you? You must be exhausted and worn out beyond compare. So sorry those meds made you feel that way. Yuck. I'm with you on the natural route...keep those scary chemicals away from me!

Glad you aren't taking them anymore. Hope your doctor studies your files a bit more before giving you something else.