Sunday, July 15, 2007

I think my camera died today

I think my Olympus D390 died today. I have been having a wonderful time taking pictures of flowers and plants and family as well as crafts. Today I was over at Mom's taking pictures of the Rose of Sharon (she has three different colors) and the battery was low so I thought I would just continue taking pictures until I drained them and would then put fresh in and recharge the expended ones. So when the screen went dark I took the old batteries out. New batteries did nothing. Tried another set ... and another ... and another. My DH thought of course I was a woman who did not know how to operate the camera and he tried several battery sets. It wouldn't work for him either. So he charged batteries and tried again. Still dead. An old friend gone.

So we are looking at new cameras on line and reading reviews. My Olympus was only 2 megapixels and technology has changed so much that we are looking at 6 to 8 megapixels now. I always have such a fear of making the wrong choice when purchasing something that will have to last a long time that I read and read and read before buying and still question if making the right decision. Any recommendations from anyone? We are seriously thinking about the Canon PowerShot A630 or another Olympus like the FE 230 or 250. There are so many. We are limited in our choice of vendor at this time and will probably purchase through DH employer and take advantage of the employee discount. We have checked them out on line and the price is comparable with other sources if we take the discount into account.

Speaking of decisions, today we went for the package deal and now have the triple play - cable, internet, and phone services from one provider. We already had digital cable and high-speed internet. Now we have digital phone service, too. Another thing we debated and researched for a while before making the decision. It should save us money for at least the next year. And our internet is even faster with the new modem. We were hooked up today (that's why I was over at Mom's - the dogs had to be outside for the serviceman to be inside and I was trying to distract them by being on the opposite side of the house from where he could be seen going up and down the outside steps). Installation only took about an hour even with a few glitches he ran into and we are now reading more on the DVR for the cable (imagine learning how to "pause" live TV and record on two channels at the same time at my age) and voice mail etc for the phone (the answering machine is still plugged in as I write this).


linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
Yes I can imagine procrastination over technology purchase choice. I do the same with any larger or long term purchase. You described me well.
I have had a bad afternoon,putting up with my 85 yr old Mum's tantrums. (she lives with us) Say a prayer for me to be nicer and maybe even have some time for myself one day. Ahhh! God give me patience but give it to me now!
Good luck with the camera. Mine is a 7.1 fuji. It does o.k,....within my limited knowledge anyway.
Enjoy your Sunday. Love Linda.

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Aww, that's too bad! Good luck on getting a new one. I have an older Canon A310 that does not have an optical zoom. I love it, but wish it has an optical zoom. I love Digital Cameras, they save SO much money over using the old style ones.

Soon, I also will be buying another one, and plan to make it a Canon. Mine is old, I've dropped it several times-luckily it's a hard metal shell-and it seems nearly indestructible. It does EAT batteries really bad though. They say the new ones are better though.

Sigh, I try to use rechargeables, but I'm very unorganized and always forget to do it. You should still be able to take out the memory card and get pictures out of it though.

Once, I erased all my pictures by hitting the wrong button. I took it to a local camera lab and they gave me all my pictures back from the memory card, for 15.00 on a CD. I didn't even know that was possible, and for so cheap! There were only about 2 out of 200 that were lost.

Looking forward to seeing your new camera! :)

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Oh, and Linda May, hope your days get better, and you get some time to yourself. :)

Dana said...

Sorry about that. No fun when something dies unexpectedly.

As for the digital TV, internet stuff...WOW! We must seem like the dark ages compared to you! We don't even have plain old TV, and we only have dial-up, and our phone service is land-line only!

You're so advanced!