Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wonderful Day

It is another beautiful day here. The sun is shining and there are fluffs of clouds in the blue sky.

Silly Rabbit is still sitting in the field. Yesterday I watched her lure a cat away from her nest to protect her babes. The cat started out across the driveway at Dad's and gradually crept closer to her as she sat in the field. When she thought it was close enough she zipped across the field and over towards my house and into the hedges. She was successful in eluding the predator and has been back in the field in various vantage points both yesterday and today. I checked the nest and there is no evidence it has been disturbed.

We went to both Becca's birthday party and the Ice Cream Social yesterday. The weather was beautiful. Warm enough to sit comfortably in either sun or shade but not hot enough for water games. The kids were all younger ones and there were puppies, too. Three Jack Russell terrier mix puppies recently joined the family. Two belong to Nanny's daughter's babes and one to her son's babes. They are all from the same litter and get along wonderfully. Nanny's older dog, Peaches, looks for places to escape, though. The kids and pups had a wonderful time. We singers were able to eat a little before we left for the Ice Cream Social and then brought home-made ice cream back with us to the party afterwards. It was delicious. Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla.

The singing engagement was good, too. We were inside the fellowship hall at Pleasant Hill and sang as people talked and ate a variety of foods, cakes, and the ice cream. We sang for nearly an hour and people sang along with us on songs they knew.

I wore the Boot so as not to strain my foot and took a stool I intended to sit on for the singing. But I stood up the whole time. You just cannot get good breath control or volume sitting down. I tried to tap my foot once to the beat and discovered it was not a good idea in the Boot. I admit I was exhausted afterwards ... but it felt good.

Thought I would share a picture from the past. In front on the left is my mother Dorothy, my cousin Sandra, and Aunt Irene. Between them and just above Sandra is Sonny (Charles) in his wheelchair. Above Aunt Irene is I think Chuck (also Charles) being held by Grandma and to the right is Aunt Eva, Sandra and Chuck's mother.

I am in the process of scanning many of the old photos into my computer so I can put them on disk for family members. It is time-consuming but so worthwhile. Mom says Grandma liked to take pictures, too. Maybe that is at least in part why Jenny and I have this addiction (although I think everyone has it).

Linda May has asked some questions in a comment that I am researching now. Funny how you take so much for granted about where you live and what is around you. I did not even know the latitude/longitude or elevation for Moundsville until I looked it up (maybe I knew and just forgot). Anyway, I am learning more about the local area as a result of her questions. From what I have been able to find out this area and hers are much the same. She lives in a small town outside a larger city with similar populations to Moundsville and Wheeling here. Seasons are reversed but other than that we are a lot alike.


linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
I googled Moundsville after reading your entry. It does sound somewhat similar, though the population is almost double what Junee is. It is much more urbanized that us too. I also had a sticky beak at google earth. Junee isn't as up close as Moundsville on there. But it is on google earth too.
I know an old song that mentions Wheeling West Virginia. The Burial mound looks interesting, I will have to look at it further. Is that it I could see right in the town? Your Ohio river looks quite big compared to our closest one the "Murrumbidgee" which is about 25km from here.
Junee's claim to fame is Monte Christo, supposed to be the most haunted house in Australia. I think it is hyped up for the value of tourism. There are lots of great antiques there to look at though. It has been on lots of T.V, and psychic type shows. The bloke who owns it! I think he is a bit of a rogue. We also have a railway round house built early last century which is still operating and is the largest in the southern hemisphere. There is a railway museum attached to that.

Dana said...

Great photo! Thanks for sharing it.
Sounds like Becca's gathering was a good time with singing, ice cream and lots of kids and puppies to love.