Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fair Photos

We did well with the photos we entered in the Marshall County Fair. Now, from what I am told (I have not been there yet because of work and the foot not doing quite as well as I would like), every picture that was entered was awarded a ribbon - blue, red, yellow and white. Dad's pictures all got red ribbons, Jen's all got blue ribbons, and I got one blue for a butterfly photo and two red for my other two pictures. I did it for fun and of course "it was an honor just to be nominated." I am pleased and hope others enjoy looking at my photos.

I want to get there to see all the photos - there were so many when we were entering on Saturday but they were piled up on tables then. The unbiased (of course) opinion of family members is that our photos were the best of all those entered but I am certain there are others that are worth a glance or two. We saw some wonderful photos being entered by others when we were entering ours. One man behind us in line had a close-up shot of a hawk or eagle that was beautiful.

The foot has been troublesome. I have probably pushed too hard but after three months in the boot (and more than a month before that in pain) I want to walk again. Yesterday at work I was in some pain again. So today I will wear the boot to walk to and from work but try just my shoe at work. At least I can put the shoe on now. When I was in pain at the beginning I could hardly bear to have anything touch the side of my foot. So still some scritch ... thump ...


Jen said...

Oh, the Monty Python of it all...LOL!

I am glad to hear that you can at least wear a shoe, though it is sad that the pain is so troublesome still.

I can't wait to see what butterfly shot you chose to enter. Maybe Pap will let you post his Daisy Trio so everyone can see it.

Dana said...

I hope they will still be on display by the time we get there on Friday, I can't wait to see them all!

SIDE NOTE: I went to click on your blog link on MY blog link list and discovered that your link had disappeared! "Good grief, I said, where'd Aunt Martha go?" *grin* Well, you're back and all's well. Except for foot pain...*ouch*