Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yesterday morning I took my camera over to Mom and Dad's to show them pictures of the hummingbird flight I caught the night before. As I was leaving to come back across the field and home I looked to the east and saw the sunrise. So I called Dad to come out with his new camera (same make and model as mine) that he just got this past weekend and we took pictures of the sunrise over the hilltop.

We had such fun this past weekend. Saturday Richard and Matthew came down to Mom and Dad's to continue painting the house. Later Nanny and Matt's wife Kim and the kids came down then Missy and her kids showed up later. A total of 13 of us were there on the porch or in the yard for much of the morning and early afternoon. The kids rediscovered Beth's purple cow bubble machine and had a great time with bubbles. I'm working on a slide show of that and will post a link to it soon.

Then in the evening Beth's son Greg and his wife and their two kids came in for a visit and we were in the house and on the porch again until late. Greg and Dana recently went to China as part of a choir and brought back fascinating pictures and stories about their trip.

Jen showed up later with the pictures we had entered in the Fair. She brought the ribbons and PRIZE MONEY we had won! Wow! $7 for me! I didn't even know there were cash awards when I entered. The thrill was in entering and being awarded the blue and red ribbons. We are already planning what pictures we will take and enter next year - we have a long time to plan this time.

Speaking of Dad's new camera - he dropped his old Olympus at Wal-Mart when he went there to have his pictures for the Fair printed. He was afraid he had lost the pictures on his memory card but managed to salvage them but could not get the camera to work. So Beth talked to me about my camera as Dad had indicated he liked what he had seen of it and she told Dad she would buy him a new camera. Joe picked it up this past weekend and now Dad has a Canon just like mine. He also managed to get the old Olympus working again but does not feel he can trust it not to go off again. (Joe thinks it was just a sneaky way to get a new camera. lol) Dad is in the learning curve now but once he gets the hang of all the new options he will be fine and I expect we will see a lot more pictures from him, too.

We are all praying for cousin Bill who had a stroke this weekend. 51 years old. He was working the church street fair in the heat and humidity when it started. Thankfully, the signs were recognized by his older brother who works for a doctor and they took him right to the hospital. A neurologist was there and Bill got quick attention. The latest report is that he is improving and there is reason for hope.

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Dana said...

What a beautiful photo. Looks peaceful.
It was so good to spend some time with you Aunt Martha (And Joe too!), wish we lived closer!