Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday Stroll

Quiet today. Temperature is in the 70's and it has been threatening rain all day but the only shower we had was early this morning and lasted about 2 minutes.

I took off the boot yesterday and walked outside around the house and down the alley and around Mom and Dad's yard then back across the field to home. Today the foot is tender but not too bad so maybe it really is improving slowly ... so slowly. Of course, the camera was attached to my hand the whole time I was out and my eyes were searching for views and angles. Here are a few of the shots I took.

Another shot of Dad's Japanese Maple.
Mushrooms/Toadstools found under the maple tree at the end of the sidewalk. (Is it really a sidewalk if it isn't next to a street?)
Mom's Trumpet Vine that is trying to envelope the whole backyard.
In my own yard I practiced more macro shots on the ants and the QA Lace. I think this one saw me ... or is it reacting to the little fellow?

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Mary C said...

Great pix, Martha. I really like that one of the ant and his reaction - probably to the other little fellow. It kind of reminds me of our human reactions to something or someone who startles us.