Wednesday, August 22, 2007


We have finally had some consistent rain and the fungi have taken over many of the old stumps and roots. These are in Mom and Dad's yard growing on an old tree stump amongst the Summer Pine. I think this was the old lightning-struck pine tree stump.There are enormous mounds of these and at least two other varieties in several places in the old flower beds where trees were removed for various reasons.

It finally happened. My DH used the new camera. I can't quite figure out what he did when he took this one of Dad and me - must have been walking or turning himself as he snapped it. But I thought it was interesting just for the multiple images of Dad.He took others as well but I gave him the option of keeping or deleting them and when I checked the computer later he had deleted everything. But they were still on the camera card and I salvaged some of them. There are no bad pictures - just new possibilities.

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Dana said...

I LOVE that photo of grandpap! Tell Uncle Joe that they pay good money for funky blurred photos in many contests online!