Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have not worn the Boot since last Friday!! The foot is a little sore at night and I am aware of my shoe often during the day but I AM WALKING!!

Yesterday I took my car in to be inspected and walked from the garage after dropping the car off to the office (only 4 blocks) in the morning and back again in the evening to pick the car up. The longest outdoor walk I have had in months. It really is different from walking on flat indoor surfaces while grocery shopping. I felt every tilt and irregularity in the sidewalks and street. It probably took me twice as long as it would have before the Boot but I'll get back up to speed.

I missed seeing any of the lunar eclipse because of mist and fog and hills. It happened close to moonset in our area and I had only a short window of opportunity to view any of it. Joe, on the other hand, was up on the hilltop at work and got to see the start of it. I had the camera, he didn't. But I did watch a live feed from Australia on Discovery on line. I wonder if Linda May got to see any of it?

I have been lurking in a number of blogs recently and following different links to find new places to visit. Have heard from some of them and linked to a few myself. Really enjoying everyone's photos and posts and appreciate any comments from anyone. Having trouble leaving comments sometimes and working this out.


Jen said...

I was talking to Mom the other day about your Macro shots. They are just fantastic, by the way.

So, I told Mom that I think your talent and creativity with your Macro shots comes from working with your miniatures for so many years.

I have some great ideas about what you can do with your Macros and miniatures. I will have to email them to you (if I can remember!).

linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
Yes I had a great view of the lunar eclipse here. It was all displayed for me just outside my front veranda over rocky hill. One of my favorite shows was on t.v. so I ran outside at every advert break to watch how it was progressing. It was a beautiful crystal clear night here. It started just after dusk and was finished in about 4hrs or something. In the morning when I got up and left to go to work the moon was still up and bright and full, it looked great. Isn't it amazing that we could both look at the same thing on different sides of the world!. Thanks for commenting on the entry and pics from my trip. It was lovely to hear from you.