Friday, August 10, 2007

Home again

We shared a virus or something at work this week and I am home today with internal difficulties. It's getting better but I hate being out of the house when I feel this way. At least I have been in a/c instead of in the heat and humidity. And the dogs are loving having Mom home with them. They get out every time I look at them. And I take the camera along as I am still looking for that perfect shot of Dad's red maple. Today I may have caught the light just right.

I also got a shot of some mushrooms that I like. But I have failed to get closeups of the hummingbirds or the cardinals that please me yet.

Yesterday afternoon we had a storm around 4:30 and then the sun came out again. I went outside with the dogs and discovered dragonflies in my yard and then I saw them in the field across the alley. There were dozens of them! By the time I thought to go tell Mom and Dad and they got outside there was no sign of the dragonflies. I tried to take pictures when I first discovered them but they move so fast all I got were a lot of blurs. Then the second storm came. I really thought we were in for a bad time. The sky was black and the clouds were coming right down to the ground with tendrils and bulges. We got rain and lightning and thunder but nothing bad happened near us.

Jen posted about Paint.NET just this week. I have been working on figuring it out too. I love what it can do - I just can't do much of it yet. Thankfully there are tutorials and forums and such. I just have to understand what I read. I am reading a lot online about digital photography and editing digital photos. My poor head is too full, I think. Eventually there comes a moment when I say "Aha!" but it seems to be taking a while.

Joe "joked" the other day that if he wants to take any photos he is going to have to buy a camera just for him as this one seems to have become permanently attached to me.


Jen said...

Hahaha! That's right! The camera knows who it belongs to, doesn't it?

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Nice photo! Hope you are feeling better too. :)