Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fair Contenders

Today sister Beth and I got our photographs ready for submission to the Fair next weekend. Last year we (at least I did) waited till almost the last minute to get ready. This year I have been preparing for months (all those yard sales and all those picture frames for great prices). So today I took a disk with the contenders over for Mom, Dad, and Beth to help me decide which would be the submissions and which were also rans.

The Fair photography division has 6 categories: Portraits; Landscapes; Still-Life; Animals; Abstract; and Miscellaneous. Each entrant is limited to 5 submissions and only one in each category. There are ribbons and small cash prizes usually. The Fair material states that the Art Department of the Fair has been established specifically for local amateur and hobby-type artists to have opportunity to display their work.

We whittled my contenders down to five and Beth and I went out (after playing with the kittens) and got some printed that I had not had printed previously.

So this post is for the purpose of displaying some of the also rans. Some of these may have been on my blog before, some have not.

I really like all of these photographs. It was hard to decide on my final five and leave these out of contention.


linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
Your kitty adventures are so funny. Mum sure wants them where she wants them doesn't she. Maybe she thinks they are ready to be out in the world more now.
I like the third picture best. Good luck with exhibiting your photography.

Jen said...

*gulp* I have yet to decide on mine and print them.