Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Great (attempted) Escape

Nothing happening here. All four kittens accounted for.
Mom's not looking now.
Think I'll try going over the wall ... whoops, the dog.
Maybe the front is the way to go.
Is she looking at me?
Now's my chance.
If ... I ... can ... just ... get ... a little ... higher ...
Somebody give me a push!
Busted! Back in the big blue box.


Mary C said...

That was so cute. I love the way you "told" the story along with the pictures. It won't be long now they will be wondering all over the place.

Martha said...

Mary, don't I know it. We are looking for something more than a wire crate to house the kittens while we are at work. The blue box will only hold them for another week or so.