Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Macros

Who knew clover could look so lovely.
Coneflowers in Mom's flower bed.
Reflections in a drop of dew. It's a good thing I did this one this morning, the grass got mowed while I was at work today.


mon@rch said...

Such stunning macros!

Mary C said...

Very nice, Martha. Coneflowers always make such nice photos, macro or not. And that clover really does look lovely as a macro. I had to click on the dew droplet to see it larger so I could see what was in the reflection, and it was well worth it. That was beautiful. Such blessings and beauty the good Lord gives us as long as we take the time to look around. Thanks for sharing.

Martha said...

Thanks, Monarch and Mary. I find myself looking for small things to photograph and find the beauty and wonder of even the tiniest thing. Anything to do with nature is "wonder"ful.