Monday, July 21, 2008

Kitten Playpen

Today the NIC cubes order arrived and DH and I put together the new crate for the kittens. I ordered 5 sets of 13 grids each for a great price with free shipping. The crate we put together used only 28 grids for now but can be expanded and I used another 10 grids to make an open playpen for over at Mom & Dad's.
The crate and playpen are held together by zip cable ties and the "locks" will be binder clips. We made the sloped front the lid so the whole thing opens to allow access to the blue plastic crate which now houses the small litter pan.
One grid is attached to the top of the blue crate as Sylvester has already figured out how to climb the cage and fall thru the hole ... and climb the cage and fall thru the hole ... and climb the cage and fall thru the hole ...
The cage is already a big hit with us, the kittens, Momma Stormy, Smokey and even the dogs. Smoke and Sylvester have played with each other thru the grids. Before they could only sniff each other. There is one problem. I purchased "Welcome" mats with rubber backings to use for the floor. I turned the mats over so the rubber backing is what the kittens use as the floor. The backing is black. So are the kittens.


linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
What pretty kitties! Have you found any homes for them yet.What are you going to do with them? Do you think syvester will fit in an envelope for me? He He.

Martha said...

Linda, I have not tried too hard to find homes yet as the kittens are just starting to be weaned. It's hard to believe they are already 4 weeks old. If I put an envelope in front of Sylvester I am sure he will try to climb in. They are so much fun to watch I am seeing very little television right now.