Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Clouds and Kitten Tales

Last night's storm that rolled thru made for some beautiful cloud photos. The storm moved southeast quickly just about sunset and the lowering sun gilded the clouds. My photos, while nice, just cannot do justice to the real thing.

Tonight the kittens met some little great-nieces of mine. All four kittens got well handled and the little girls were delighted. They romped and chased each other and got picked up and carried back to the center of the room (the kittens, not the nieces although there was some tickling and hugging going on with them, too) and just generally entertained us all.

And Sylvester has a new name and a new promised home. My cousin Barb was at Mom and Dad's tonight along with my sister and the great-nieces. She has had two black and white cats during her adult life but does not have one at this time although she does have two other adult cats. As soon as she saw Sylvester she said "Shamus the 3rd." After he played a while with the little girls she picked him up and he settled down with her and went to sleep just as if they belonged together. So, Shamus it is and Barb will take him home when he is weaned and ready to leave momma and siblings.


linda may said...

Lovely cloud pictures. They are beautiful the way the sun shines through them lighting them up.
We have had a bit of rain here but nothing heavy enough to replenish water supplies. Just enough to wet the soil and make it cold and gray.
Shamus, a fine Irish name to be sure, to be sure. One down three to go eh! Nice though that he is going to a friend who might give you progress reports of his future antics.
Love Linda.

linda may said...

G'Day again Martha. I was looking around different blogs and came across one I thought would interest you. This lady is in to VBS like you are. So have a read if you want. Her address is

Mary C said...

Lovely cloud photos, Martha. I know what you mean about the pix not doing mother nature justice, but we at least get the idea and can easily visualize what did transpire. Your kitties and nieces are adorable. I'm so glad Shamus (aka Sylvester) will have a new home. I sure hope the other two will also find good loving homes. Too bad we don't live closer, I sure would consider a playmate for my Tornado. He's so lonely without Avalanche.

Melli said...

Hi Martha! Thanks for stopping by! I just noticed on your blog that LAST year we both did Galilee By The Sea! How cool! You guys really put a LOT more into decorating than we do though! VBS is sooooo much fun! I just LOVE it!