Thursday, July 17, 2008


Another beautiful summer day dawns with the promise of sunshine and heat.
The kittens have been doing what all kittens do - sleeping, eating, and growing -
and trying again to escape the smaller of the nesting boxes.
Spot seems to have figured it out.
Hello, world. Here I am.
The kittens all have "baby names" now. This one is Spot because of the white fur on its throat. The black and white kitten is being called Sylvester (Thanks, Linda, for reminding us of that cat.). The grey striped is, of course, Tigger. And the other dark kitten got christened Velcro last night because it just won't let go with all four paws at the same time. We are trying to introduce them to food now. I mix up some milk replacement and pour it over a bit of dry kitten food and put both just the milk replacement and the moistened food in with the kittens when Momma is out of the blue crate eating her own meals. So far the kittens have walked in the food and spilled the food and shaken it off paws onto each other. Momma hurries back to the crate and shows them how it is done by eating and drinking almost all of it herself. They'll get the idea.


The Thrifty Blogger said...

Wow, you've got some great pictures on here! And the kittens are so adorable. I miss having baby kittens around. They were always around when I was growing up. Such fun! :)

linda may said...

G'day Martha,
Nice to hear you have named the black and white kitty Sylvester. We had a litter of kittens once with one just like him and he was the sweetest natured, most cuddly one of the bunch. He also had a brother named tigger, he was a crazy funny ginger cat.
I took a look back through your blog tonight to when the kittens were first born, they must be triple the size now. Mummy cats are very hungry when they are feeding babies and get very competitive over their food, even with their own babies.

Mary C said...

It's so much fun to watch those kittens learn and grow. Thanks for sharing.