Friday, June 1, 2007

The Last Place You Look ...

Rummage sale, bake sale, white elephant sale, VBS fund raiser ... all the same thing tomorrow. All week I have been looking for my container of unique beads to make some beaded dragonflys for the sale. Finally found it this morning in the box it should have been in but I did not think I had put it back there. Have made a few dragonflys using the pearls and beads I had available. Not happy with them yet as there is not enough "shimmer" to them. Using cellophane for the wings and I like that. Found it as "wedding netting" at the dollar store. Only the one color but it reflects multicolor. That really shows up in the photograph but is not quite so bold in reality. The red wings are from a basket "gift bag" and are not quite right yet. Have to be careful with that material as it stretches a little and the color fades. Tonight I will have to fold the boxes for the Christmas Spiders and try a few more dragonflys.

I want to go to the sale tomorrow but not sure if it will work out. I've done more walking than I should have this week and my foot is aching. Still, I can sit down at the sale and I'm sure Mom and others will bring me things to look at and say I should buy.

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