Saturday, June 23, 2007

Galilee Final Day

Success! It's over for another year. A huge joy and let-down at the same time. So much time and energy went into preparation and then into the week of VBS itself. We had a good turnout for the final night and every child made at least one more sea shell necklace. I saw parents wearing them as well. Younger children who came with parents for the program were invited to make necklaces, too. Then the presentation and singing. It was wonderful. Jen made a slideshow with music from pictures taken all week and had that playing on Nanny's laptop after the program. Most of the kids sat right back down and sang along with the music and pictures. No one was in a hurry to leave.

Clean up didn't take too much time either. Jen had loaded no longer needed crafts supplies in her van before we started on Friday. We also stored the things that would be staying at church for next year's VBS and we were able to leave the boat and "seashore" in place along with "Piano Rock" and the Marketplace "window". Rev. Jim is being transferred and we are having a dinner for him on Sunday. He specifically requested that we leave the VBS decorations up so people could see them. It is supposed to be Italian theme so we will see what the people in charge of the dinner decide but it was his request.

Today is a day of rest - after I get all the craft tools and supplies that came home last night put away.

This, too, is a day the Lord has made.

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Dana said...

Those shell neclaces sure were a hit, weren't they? You know how to keep 'em coming back for more, don't you?!