Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Last Straw

The sparrows had a bit of disaster recently. Just since I took the picture of the nest on Sunday the bottom part of it fell away. They have been rebuilding ever since and today have achieved a nice replacement (in my opinion, but they will probably keep adding on). There are fresh oak leaves woven into the nest once again along with long grasses and whatever else has taken their fancy.

Mom and Dad are having their house re-painted. Nanny's husband Richard is doing it right now. He has been coming in the morning's after he finishes work and doing prep work and just this week started painting. From white to yellow. In the morning it is a nice pale yellow. When the sun hits it my husband says we will have to wear sunglasses. Looking good, though.

I rescheduled my foot doctor appointment to mid-July. I know he would just tell me to wear the boot a while longer as it is still sore. I have experimented by walking in the house without the boot after I got home from work the past two nights and know that I am not ready for unencumbered perambulation yet. VBS took its toll even with the wheelchair (but I loved every minute of it) and Independence Day is this coming week so there are popsicles to be made and trips up and down (down and up?) the basement steps to the freezer to freeze and store this year's concoctions. And there are still some VBS supplies over at Mom and Dad's that need to come home and be sorted and stored. So still lots of walking to do.

I miss walking without the scritch of velcro and the thump of the boot. Sometimes when I walk all I can hear is the soundtrack from Rocky Horror Picture Show when Tim Curry's character is coming down in the elevator tapping his foot or heel on the floor. That sound is what I hear when I walk - scritch, thump, scritch, thump ...

The foot is much better, though. I would say it has improved 90% from what it was when I first went to Dr. Le. I just have to be patient.

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Dana said...

BRAWahahahaa! I literally laughed out loud at your RHPS impression, and could hear JUST what you meant!

Glad to see the sparrows are rebuilding after disaster. We toss small pieces of yarn out onto our lawn in spring and it's always fun to see them come summer when I see nests in trees, roofs, etc.

Hoping your foot feels better soon.