Monday, June 4, 2007

More Spiders Coming

I went the the VBS bake sale and church White Elephant sale on Saturday. It was a slow start but things picked up once the bank and post office opened. I took 13 Christmas Spiders, some Angel Feather ornaments, Dragonflys, and the Mosaic Suncatchers I made from left-over supplies after last year's VBS. I worried I had priced the spiders too high but when I left just after 11 AM there were only 4 left and the sale was to run until 4 PM. Many of those who bought the spiders said they were interested in more in different colors (a few asked for "guy" colors) and wanted to know if I would have more around the holidays. The answer was "Yes" of course.

So when I got home and had to rest the foot (I think I went up and down the wide shallow steps to the Fellowship Hall about a dozen times and then stood on that hard concrete floor to look at the White Elephant items), I sat in my chair with my foot propped up and made spiders. I also had to sit much of yesterday afternoon since hubby and I went grocery shopping late on Saturday (I have to admit I love Wal-Mart 24 hours). I also bought more beads along with the groceries. I now have more spiders than before I took the 13 to the sale. And more to make so I have enough to sell for more VBS funds and to give myself at Christmas.
And Jenny is making a cane bracelet for me! She had beads picked out and I didn't know so when I was looking at beads for spiders I found some that coordinated with my blue cane (that my dear sister bought for me) and went ahead and bought the beads. I'll send them to Jen but I trust her inspiration and will love whatever she uses to make my cane bracelet.
I keep thinking up new combinations for the spiders. Grandma's beads and my "unique" beads are conspiring to keep me going on these.


linda may said...

I read your blog tonight. You write similar to me. I am in Sth East Australia and by looking at your garden pictures your climate looks similar to mine. Where are you? I would love to hear from you.I also like taking pics of my flowers. My blog goes under the name of Linda May if you are interested.

The Thrifty Blogger said...

These are so cute. You know, just last week, I found a plastic spider and accidently dropped it on my niece's sandal with the thong toe, you know those? (not sure if that is what they are called) And it landed right there on that piece between the toes, and it just looked so cute there, I think these would be great to adorn your sandals. :)

They also would be cute charms to go in Crocs. My mother makes those.